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Havasupai Arizona Travel Tips

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls

Havasupai Arizona is an amazing place to visit, but it takes some planning to get there. Luckily I went with a friend who had taken the trip before and is a great planner. Check out the following travel tips to make sure you’re well prepared for your trip!

  • Make your reservation in advance. You cannot just show up at the Grand Canyon Hualapai Hilltop and hike into Supai. You will need to have either a camping or Havasupai Lodge reservation for your group. Make sure you call ahead to confirm your reservation. Each person will also be required to pay a registration fee upon arriving and carry a tag on your day pack to show you’re registered.
  • We stayed at the Supai Lodge and packed coolers with our food and a small gas grill. There are picnic tables at the lodge to eat dinner. We packed our lunches when we went hiking each day. If you do not bring your food there are not many food options in the village, however there is a small restaurant. Try the indian frybread! It’s yummy, but you should also bring some healthier options.
  • In addition to reserving your accommodations you may also want to hire a pack horse to help you get your food and belongings into the canyon. The hike in to Supai Village is 8 miles so if you are staying for a few days you may not want to carry everything in on your back. Make sure you plan to only pack 120lbs per horse. These horses work very hard do not try to overpack them!
  • If you’re driving a distance to get to the Grand Canyon you may want to break up your trip by stopping in Peach Springs and then hiking out to Supai the next day. Peach Springs is the last town on the way along Route 66 before you get to the Grand Canyon Hilltop. We stayed at the Hualapai Lodge which is a nice lodge with a pool and restaurant. If you do stay in Peach Springs try to get there in time to visit the amazing Grand Canyon caverns!

  • Since Havasupai is an indian reservation they do not sell alcohol or allow you to bring alcohol in.
  • Make sure you bring your hiking clothes, swimsuit, comfortable shoes to hike in, a hat for the sun, sunscreen, your camera with extra SD cards and at least 2 liters of water to hike in. You can buy more water at the store in Supai village.
  • Be ready to hike a lot! My friends and I hiked between 9-13 miles each day. I really enjoyed it, but I already hike a lot and am very active. The hiking is not too difficult, but to access Mooney and Beaver falls you will have to descend through caves and climb down ladders with chains. So be prepared for that!
  • Since you will be hiking a lot make sure you go with a group of friends that are also very active and like to hike so everyone will enjoy the trip. My friend brought her son and I did see a lot of kids hiking in, but accessing Mooney and Beaver falls may be difficult for children so keep that in mind.
  • Have fun!! This will be a trip you will never forget so enjoy it, take lots of pictures and also please respect the beauty of this special place by cleaning up after yourself!
    Hiking to Beaver Falls

    Hiking to Beaver Falls

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