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Spring Equinox – Moving Forward

Spring Equinox – Moving Forward

The cosmic events on Friday March 20th have created a noticeable shift in the universe. The super moon eclipse and Spring Equinox have opened some portals to new opportunities. I have been meditating every day in an effort to focus on my own purpose in life. Last week I was able to spend a good amount of time in the art studio working with artist Robert Heckes and his young daughters to create some large paintings. The paintings are large and layered and it has been a very enjoyable experience working on these pieces. His daughters participate in painting and it is very touching to see a family creating art together. I actually taught one of his daughters art when I was teaching classes for Art Innovators at Roosevelt school in Santa Barbara.

I could feel a lot of cosmic energy on Friday and after working all morning in the studio I had a very exciting meeting. I can’t say too much about it now, but it could be a very amazing opportunity involving art and the community. I believe that the universe is supporting positive change and as more seeds of changes are planted in the Spring I am excited to see what abundance will unfold.

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